A Letter from Anna Sherwood to the Seekers Community

Dear readers,
As we roll into the final days of the year, I find myself sitting at my well-worn desk, a cup of cozy tea in hand, and my mind full of all the tales we’ve shared. It feels just like chatting with old friends in one of Darkwood's charming little cafes.
I’m writing today with a bit of news that's pretty tough to share. You may have noticed things have been a bit quiet on my end, and the reason for that is our funding has dried up. It’s a tough break, but it means I won't be able to continue bringing you stories about the ins and outs of our strange and wonderful town.

It’s been such a ride, hasn't it? Together, we've snooped out secrets, met the wild characters of Darkwood, and had some good laughs and gasps along the way. I'm going to miss our adventures together, but I want to say a HUGE thank you for sticking with me through it all.
Now, I’m not one for goodbyes—let’s call this a ‘see you later.’ Who knows? Maybe I'll find a way back to you with more stories down the line.

Again, thank you for all the laughs, the support, and the curious moments we've shared. Keep your eyes peeled and your spirit of discovery alive, because you never know what mysteries are just around the corner.

Take care and keep on seeking,
Anna Sherwood ❤️️

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