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1 -  This is what I do to help me improve how I play the game in general. I try remembering where objects are frequently positioned in a location. Especially those that are hard to find. To help develop my object location memory I try to process all locations in a linear fashion. Orientation doesn't really matter but sticking to it does. If you jump around and go back for that item you saw earlier I find it is harder for you to associate an object with a location. So, I'll move along slowly in a somewhat fixed pattern. 
2 - (While playing Morph mode), I don't wait for an object to morph and click on suspect objects. Not so fast as to trigger the time penalty. If it doesn't disappear and you don't get a red X then tap it once again.
3 - Are Guardian Quests that require a certain number of completed locations in one specific mode frustrating while you try and try to make that mode come up? The solution is to eliminate all the Anagram modes from your board. Then you'll then have multiple locations with that mode available!
4 - If you need more items to dispel anomalies, banish the monsters at the ends of the table (werewolves, gremlins, Medusa, etc.). I usually opt for the ones that require 3 items to banish. They reward with coins, energy, and chests. When you open the chests, you get dispelling objects.
5 - If you have trouble finding something take a screenshot, pause the game, and study the photo at leisure.
6 - You have to reach Detective Level in order to be able to obtain items from all the collections a location offers. As you increase levels up to Detective, it adds more possible collection items you can get. Also at the lower levels in locations, you can't get as many Emeralds from them in the Emerald event.

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