Seekers Notes
Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery Press Kit

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery Press Kit

Seekers Notes Press Kit

Developer: MYTONA
Release date: update 1.0.0 was soft-launched on iOS on April 16, 2015; update 1.0.6 was released globally on July 29, 2015.
Platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows.

You suddenly wake up in the mysterious city of Darkwood, which has been under the yoke of an ancient Curse for many years. By a quirk of fate, you find a powerful artifact—the Magic Map! You are now the Seeker, the chosen hero whose arrival the townspeople have been anticipating for so long. The old city is shrouded in countless arcane mysteries and riddles. You’ll have to be exceptionally quick-witted and brave to unravel all the secrets and save Darkwood from the dark forces of the Curse.

Game Features:

  • Incredibly beautiful graphics with astonishing realism and details — picturesque locations and charismatic animated characters.
  • An intriguing storyline excitingly delivered as a series.
  • Captivating puzzles: Treasure Box, Haunted Lights, Mosaic, and Ancient Cards.
  • Interesting quests and marvelous collections with new content every update.
  • Spellbinding music that immerses you in the game’s mysterious atmosphere.
  • Craft unique items with the Fortune Teller, Blacksmith, and Inventor.
  • Trade useful things with the residents of Darkwood.
  • Fight against dangerous monsters and encounter magical creatures.
  • Charming desk guardians that have gifts for you and give out prizes for daily quests.
  • Play with your friends.
  • Free updates with lots of engrossing quests, gorgeous avatars, new locations, and unique rewards.
  • Regular mini-events with valuable prizes that will never leave you bored.


  • Considered the best game in the HO genre on the Western mobile game market;
  • Made into the Top 100 highest grossing apps list across 98 countries;
  • Seekers Notes was editor's choice on Google Play and was repeatedly included in lists of recommended games on the Apple App Store;
  • Received a Today feature on the main page of the Apple App Store in the United Kingdom, China, Ireland, Taiwan, and Russia.

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Game Developers: 

MYTONA is a mobile game developer and publisher, one of the world's leading mobile game development teams that was listed among the top 30 EMEA publishers.

MYTONA hosts a team of professionals from all over the world who are passionate about developing high-quality games in different genres. 

The team has created such hits as Seekers Notes and Cooking Diary and has many other projects currently in development.

MYTONA's flagship game, Seekers Notes, ranked 3rd on the list of highest-grossing iPad games in the US and is an acclaimed hit in the hidden object genre. The game was featured as the App Store’s Game of the Day and has entered the Top 100 highest-grossing applications in 98 countries. The game has been downloaded over 30 million times (as of November 2020).

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