Get to Know Darkwood's Residents

These are the residents who walk around Darkwood's map: 

Flower Girl, Woodsman, Sweep, Dancer, Violinist, Actor, Seamstress, and Lady.

By trading with the people of Darkwood, you can get energy, fixers required for combining collections, and items for banishing or placating creatures. To trade with each townsperson, you need different trading items. For example, to trade with the Flower Girl, you have to craft a Magic Pot with the Fortune Teller, find the Flower Girl on the map, and press the Trade button.


You can find items for trading with townspeople by crafting them at merchants' shops (the Fortune Teller, Forge, and Inventor). They are always happy to see you, so don't forget to visit them 💛 

There are also certain creatures walking around Darkwood, so don't get confused 😉 To find more information about them, press here.

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