All the Free Rewards: A Quick Guide

Here is a list of all the free rewards that you can collect daily:

📆 Daily Reward: every day you get a reward when you open the game. The rewards vary: useful items and tools, energy, or coins. After you get a reward 5 days in a row, the Daily Reward window will reset, and a new cycle of rewards will await you the next day.

🎁 Friends' gifts: More information can be found here.

🏆 Trophies: there are 3 levels of trophies. Depending on their level, they give you various rewards once per 12-hour period: energy, coins, etc.

🐾 Daily desk guardian reward: to get your daily gift, you need to press the cards icon in the top left corner of the Desk Guardians window. In the next window, there will be 8 cards. Turn 1 of them over to get a random gift.

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