Secret Shop Tutorial: Earn and Spend Mycoins

What is the Secret Shop?

The Secret Shop is a section on the Seeker's Store website where you can purchase in-game items using a special virtual currency known as Mycoins, which is awarded as a bonus for every purchase you make in the Seeker's Store!

What is Myсoin?

Mycoins are a virtual currency exclusive to the Seeker's Store, represented by a charming blue flower. You can accumulate Mycoins as bonuses for your purchases in the Seeker's Store. Each product pack's description will show you the number of Mycoins you'll earn by purchasing that pack. Your current Mycoin balance can be found in the top right corner of the Seeker's Store website.

How to use the Secret Shop?

How to use accumulated Mycoins:

1. Log into the Seeker's Store using your email address or social media account.
2. In the pop-up window, enter your Support ID. You can find it in the game settings. Always double-check to ensure it's correct and that you've entered the right Support ID.
3. Go to the special section of the store with bonus items—the Secret Shop.
4. Use the Mycoins you have accumulated to get the item you want following the conditions of the promotion.
5. You will receive the item in-game during your next login.

See what you can get with Mycoins:

Discover the hidden treasures of the Secret Shop now: 

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