Ultimate Guide to the Seeker's Store

  • What is the Seeker's Store?

    The Seeker's Store is the official online store for the game Seekers Notes. Here, you can find a variety of in-game items, great-value packs, and offers that aren't available in the game. It's also an easy and safe way to buy in-game items if you can't do it through your platform's store.

    Secure payments in the Seeker's Store are provided by Xsolla, and the company's name will be displayed on your payment receipts.

    Troubleshooting Guide

    If you're having trouble with links or errors when logging in with Google, your data is still safe. The problem is with browsers native to Facebook or Instagram, which don't handle Google logins well. Your regular browser won't have this issue. To fix this, open the link with your usual browser by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the page and selecting "Open in [your default browser]."

    If you encounter any problems with payments, please contact Xsolla, our payment partner. Here's how to reach Xsolla:
    - Click the cat icon at the bottom of the payment window.
    - Visit their help site:  
    - Email them at

    We want to assure you that Xsolla is committed to providing top-notch security and meets the most stringent requirements as a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant service—being the highest security level for online merchants. Additionally, Xsolla collaborates with PayPal and is verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, ensuring top-tier transaction processing security, safeguarding customer information, and preventing fraud. If you are interested in Xsolla's anti-fraud strategies, visit their anti-fraud resources at

    How to purchase in the Seeker's Store?

    It's a straightforward process that involves a few simple steps:

    1. Sign up to the Seeker's Store website using your email address or social media account.

  • 2. In the pop-up window, enter your Support ID, which can be found and copied in the game's settings. Please make sure you've entered the Support ID correctly. Re-entering the Support ID will not be required for your subsequent visits to the store.

  • 3. Select the item you're interested in from the Seeker's Store.

  • 4. Choose your payment method, enter your details, and confirm the payment.

  • 5. After the payment is processed, the selected item will appear in your in-game account. The purchase window will open immediately upon entering the Seekers Notes game. If you don't see this window when entering the game, restart the application and check your internet connection.

    If you run into a payment error, don't worry. You can find help for common issues in our FAQ 

    For payment support, please contact Xsolla, our payment partner. Here's how to reach Xsolla:
    - Click the cat icon at the bottom of the payment window.
    - Visit their help site:
    - Email them at

    For game issues or Seeker's Store queries, contact Mytona support:
    - In-game: Go to the game settings and choose "Help & Support", then "Contact Us". Choose the appropriate category for your request and follow the instructions in the chat.
    - On social media: Message us on Facebook or Instagram.
    - By email: Write to us at

    Tips to Protect Against Online Fraud:

    1. Use Trusted Sources: Always make sure you're on a legitimate website when entering personal details or making transactions. Check the URL to ensure it matches the official site and look for the padlock symbol, which indicates a secure connection. The official Seeker's Store has such a padlock on its URL address.

  • 2. Never Share Personal Information: Scammers may pose as official representatives of Seekers Notes and ask for your personal information such as your name, address, phone number, or email address. Don't share this information with anyone you don't know and trust.
  • 3. Be Cautious of Suspicious Links: Fraudsters may post links on the Seekers Notes Facebook Page or Group that lead to fake websites or phishing scams. Don't click on any suspicious links, and always verify the authenticity of the website before entering any sensitive information.
    Here is our official and verified link to the Seeker's Store, save it to avoid losing it:

    If you notice any suspicious actions, report them to our support service. Remain vigilant, and you can safely enjoy the internet. Your security is important to us.

    Bonuses During the Launch of the Seeker's Store

    To celebrate the opening of the Seeker's Store, all players can get fantastic bonuses! Starting today and for the next 30 days, we'll be giving away complimentary avatars and stickers with the purchase of special packs from the Seeker's Store.

    Right now, you have the opportunity to acquire one of the first avatars in Darkwood. This enchanting romantic girl, adorned in winter attire, was among the initial avatars that could be won in the game! Now, you have the chance to obtain it! Simply follow the link to our new Store, sign in using your email, link your Support ID, and get the special bundle. The avatar or sticker will be added to your collection immediately after the purchase!

  • Every three days, avatars and stickers will be updated to new ones. We've prepared a calendar of avatar and sticker updates for your convenience.

  • We'll reveal the next bonus avatar and sticker in three days. If this girl's avatar is missing from your collection, or this sticker is absent in your guild chat, don't hesitate – make your purchase soon; they will be replaced in three days!

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